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Bridge Design and Rehabilitation

Our Services  

can provide complete bridge rehabilitation and replacement design services for a variety of highway and railroad bridges from the conceptual stage through to the final design stage for both the private and public sectors, using innovative concepts and the latest technology in the field of bridge design. LSEA has the experience in the design of all types of bridges using a wide variety of materials including steel, concrete, prestressed concrete and timber.

bridge design and rehab

  • Short Span Bridges
  • Multi-Span Bridges
  • Railroad Bridges
  • Timber Bridges
  • Straight and Curved Girders
  • Culverts
  • Arch Bridges
  • Truss Bridges

Our staff is experienced in all phases of bridge and roadway design.

  • Feasibility Studies and Reports
  • Initial Scoping Phases
  • Alternative Types of Solutions
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Design
  • Seismic Analysis and Design
  • Foundation Studies and Reports
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