LS Engineering Associates Corporation

About LSEA

LSEA is a multi-discipline consulting firm established in 2001 to provide comprehensive engineering and consulting services to the public and private sectors. Our company provides bridge inspection, evaluation and design services, building inspection, evaluation and design services, highway engineering, traffic engineering, property management, relocation services, land acquisition services, construction management, construction monitoring and support services, environmental engineering, and site planning and engineering.

Technical Expertise

LSEA can provide technical expertise to compliment the in-house staff of our clients, provide a variety of studies and perform the preliminary design through to the final design of a project. LSEA's combined experience of its principals, project managers, engineers and officers can handle projects of various sizes and degrees of complexity.

Company Mission

LSEA is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to meet our clients' needs and often exceed their expectations. Our staff consists of highly qualified and motivated individuals who come together to provide the best possible service at the highest quality. We can provide comparable engineering and consulting services as some of our larger competitors.

Total Commitment and Qualification

LSEA is committed to fulfilling our clients' needs by providing the highest quality service with innovative and practical solutions. LSEA is committed to our clients by ensuring that each project is completed to their satisfaction, within budget and on schedule. LSEA realizes that our success depends upon our experienced staff of professionals and their need to completely understand the most recent advances in the field of civil engineering and therefore, we encourage continued education, training, licenses and certification. Our staff has worked for various clients in the State of New Jersey and New York. LS Engineering is qualified to work for New Jersey Transit, New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Turnpike Authority, New Jersey Highway Authority, New York Department of Transportation, MTA New York City Transit, MTA Long Island Railroad, MTA Bridges and Tunnels and MTA Metro North Railroad.